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This page is dedicated to providing an ever-changing selection of information to nurture your book obsession. Here you will find information on: glossary of book terminology, book events, self-publishing, book writing, book repairs, top Ausie authors, publishing houses, magazine subscriptions, book cataloguing software, reading groups, and much much more. If you believe we've missed any websites, please email us at [email protected] and we'll consider adding it to our page.



The weird and wonderful ‘lingo’ used in the secondhand book trade is like a foreign language. And it's so extensive that it requires a whole page. Click here to view our ever expanding Glossary of Book Terminology.



Australia is blessed with a wealth of literary talent. Here are just a few websites featuring Australia's most-loved authors. If you want to see what books we currently have in stock for any of these authors, just click on the stock list hyperlink next to the appropriate author.

Bryce Courtenay - 

Di Morrissey -

Judy Nunn -



The following websites are ideal for finding information about your favourite authors and all of their book titles.

Allen and Unwin -

Penguin Books Australia -

Harper Collins Australia -

Pan Macmillan -

Australian Book Group -



There are a number of good magazines that you can subscribe to that are all about books and reading. Most feature latest release book titles, book reviews, author interviews, special features and heaps more. You might like to subscribe to one, or many, of them like I do.

Australian Book Review -

Australian Book Seller & Publisher Magazine -

Good Reading Magazine -



If you've ever been frustrated by the lack of accessible information about reading/book groups out there, then the following websites are sure to put a smile on your face. Some of the websites featured even include suggested reading lists. And, don't forget, if you belong to a reading group, why not order your next book title through Ambire Books. We offer quality secondhand books and bulk discounts to save you buying brand new copies.

CAE Book Groups -

Penguin Books Australia -

Good Reading Magazine - - Go to the home page then scroll down the left hand menu bar and choose reading groups.



Is one of your favourite books falling apart? Would you like to restore it to its former glory? Then check out the following website.

Newbold & Collins Bookbinders -



If you're anything like me, then you have books piled up everywhere around your house and no clear idea of exactly what you have and haven't got. One way to solve this problem is to catalogue your personal library using Book Catalogue software. This software allows you to track who you've lent books to, when you read each book, where it's filed, how much you originally paid for it and much more. Check out some of these sites for more information.

Book Collection -

Book Collector -

Small Library Organizer Pro -